About me


My name is Vikas Anil Sharma - Infosec Researcher | Penetration Tester.

I'm a Offensive Security Certified Professional.

As of writing, I am currently an Information Security Analyst / Penetration Tester at MasterCard,with experience in web application & network penetration testing & research, I maintain a healthy balance between functionality and visual impact in all my work. I believe in positive thinking works & suggest that we should always think positive about our Goals & Ambition.


~ Mentioned in Zero Daily Newsletter of HackerOne

The Zero Daily newsletter highlights the best hacks, bug reports, and bounties as well as fun tidbits you didn’t know about the world’s top hackers.

Mentioned in News Letter for Finding a Remote Code Execution in a server owned by PayPal. (https://www.hackerone.com/zerodaily/2017-07-21)

~ Acknowledged in Companies like PayPal ,Adobe Systems Incorporated, AT&T,ActiveProspect , Bitcasa, Dropmyemail, eBay, PureVPN, StatusPage.io, Artsy, Hiveage, Highrisehq ,BugCrowd,Heroku ,LifeLock ArizonaAnd many more other sites for reporting multiple security issues in their sites.


When I'm not in front of a computer screen, I'd love to drive my bike or car.

I'm also interested in listening music sometimes.


Have any questions? Enquiries? Feel free to shoot me an email at hello@pentestbegins.com and I'll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Opinions are mine on the blog.